• Character: Vash the Stampede
  • Series: Trigun
  • Worn: BVM DDR Tournament 07-13-02, Otakon 2002
  • The Vash coat was made by Rinnako. The coat was a modified version of Butterick #6844 (Clergy). She custom made the collar. The coat is relativly light and has a spectacular flow to it. Must get some "wind effect" pics of it.

    Me just before the DDR tournament at the Beaver Valley Mall. I played one round in it. I even did Butterfly and spun lots. ^_^
    From the Otakon Photo Thing
    Drunk vash and his morning bagel.
    Whee!!!! A hard days work is in front of me.... -_-
    Drunk Vash and Black Coat Vash
    Displaying the coat
    Displaying the coat
    Relaxing after a long hard day's work
    TJ in the coat. A great Vash he makes nee?