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Lost in the Night
Originally published on my journal

*click click* "Sarah," a soft voice called. *click clack click* "Sarah," the voice called again. *click clack click clack* "SARAH! Wake up!"

I swiftly inhaled and sat up. "Sarah, you were gnashing your teeth again," Nicholas said with a quiet sigh as he relaxed onto the bed. "Thank you," I whispered and slipped out of bed. It was the nightmares again...

Ever since I graduated from college, they plagued me. I didn't have them every night, but even once a month was more than enough to cause emotional and mental scars. The last few weeks had been terrible. The nightmares weren't stopping. Some nights were better than others, but I was constantly disturbing Nicholas. He'd wake up to strange sounds or physical assault as I struggled in unconsciousness. I never remember what was happening, but I always have an uneasy feeling even after regaining consciousness.

"Sarah, do you remember anything _this_ time," Nicholas probed. I shook my head no. "It's time you called someone. Things are getting worse. Half the time I wake up looking as if I was in a bar brawl. Neither of us has had a good night sleep in..."

"Nick, I know! I'm not happy about this either," I retorted while quietly crying. He was right. The nightmares were getting worse. Tonight was a good night by comparison. I was surprised he continued to share a bed with me at all given the rate he was getting battered. "I'm going to try and get some sleep on the couch."

That was a lie. After breaking out of a nightmare the last thing I want is sleep. I closed the door and headed down the hall. I plopped into the armchair and reached for the mouse. With a gentle coax, the computer began to wake. The glow of the monitor cast strange shadows about the room as I began my search on nightmares.

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