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Photography has always been a hobby of mine. In recent years it's become a more active hobby. Most of my photographs are of things I've made or places I've been.

My everyday camera is a Sony Cybershot P120. From time to time I'm able to borrow a Canon PowerShot S5 IS.

Enjoy the slide shows below or browse all of my pictures on Flickr.

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Best Collection
Slideshow of some of my best and favorite pictures.

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Concert Photography
I love going to live concerts. Fortunately these days, cameras are allowed at most shows. What started as an occasional attempt to capture my favorite bands, has now become part of my concert going experience. The following slide show is a selection of my best shots.

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All of my concert photography can be found HERE.

RC Static
RC Static is a rock band based in Pittsburgh, PA. I've been following and photographing them ever since I saw them open for Cartel at Mr. Smalls. One of the greatest perks to following these guys is seeing more local rock groups and some "big time" groups.

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